White Sage Antifungal Salve 60g



White Sage Antifungal Salve 60 grams

Contains: White Sage, Lemon Grass, Olive Oil, Beeswax

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is a herb that is sacred in many cultures and religions. The leaves are thick and resinous and useful in so many ways. White Sage contains antifungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, healing and odour eliminating properties. Lemon Grass is also widely used as an antifungal treatment. Combined, these herbs pack a powerful punch. This salve is perfect for athletes foot and other fungal infections.


In the Garden

Difficult to germinate (with rates as low as 20%), and sensitive to the cold, it has taken a few years to establish a healthy crop in my garden. Sage is a pungent herb, and tends to naturally deter most pests. I have however had an aphid colony establish itself on a group of plants nearly destroying them. On closer inspection I noticed that the ants were farming the aphids, which is how the infestation managed to multiply and spread so quickly. Ants feed off the honey dew secreted by aphids, in return for this delicious treat, aphids will ride on the ants back – like a free taxi – over to the next delicious plant.

How to combat? Ladybugs feed on aphids and can eat up to 400 in one week, however I did not have an abundance of ladybugs hanging around at the time. So I made a dishsoap spray, planted Tansy between my plants (ants hate Tansy), as well as Parsley. If Parsley is left to flower it will attract hoverflies into your garden, which also enjoy a good old fashioned aphid banquet. Now, with the help of other herbs to protect it from pests, my White Sage is strong and pest free.


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