Focus Oil



Focus    10ml roll on for temples and wrists

Contains: Rosemary, Olive Oil

Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis L.) has been shown to improve memory and cognitive functions. While this mildly scented oil will not increase your mensa score, it can be used to help improve your memory if you are having a bad day, and help regain mental clarity.


In the Garden

Rosemary is a delight to grow, as it is a mediterranean herb, it is very forgiving when I do not water it for weeks on end, and seems to enjoy a rather dry and poor soil bed as well as constant harvesting! As a companion plant, there is more of a list of what not to plant near it, including potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and pumpkins. Rosemary holds itself well in the garden and doesn’t require any special attention in regards to pests or diseases.






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