Welcome to Shamjo Gardens

Shamjo Gardens began October 2016 at my new family home. I had a 1/4 acre section, energy, enthusiasm and determination to make a living from my land while practicing natural and sustainable methods.

Companion planting has been the basis of my gardens success. The only pest management tools I use now are my herbs. Not only do the herbs produce our products, but they act as pest repellents, attract beneficial insects, enhance the properties of other fruit and vegetables close by, act as trap plants, fix nitrogen in my soil, concentrate potassium and copper and can even remove heavy metals.

It is with this same approach that I have developed our range of salves. The majority of ingredients are from my garden, the ingredients I need to bring in are organic and as locally sourced as possible. I source my beeswax from Elthams local Apiary, product packaging is made in New Zealand and labeling has low carbon miles.

There are many places you can purchase our products:

Here, on line. Payment method is via online banking.

Kete Aronui is a beautiful gallery in Opunake, among other local artisans products you can find a small selection of our salves.

Visit Paulien at Thyme Out in Stratford for our Pain Relief Salve. https://www.heartoftaranaki.nz/listing-item/thyme-out-2/

Visit the beautiful gardens at Pihama Lavender, where you will also find some of our fantastic Calendula based salves. https://www.pihamalavender.com/?fbclid=IwAR2zGsjbE2da9LzQzde6oo0bSTts6j7tCjCf47sqMc_D5mH_MIwXYZTAmoU

I am also a regular feature at the monthly Prospero Farmers Market in Stratford as well as the Pihama Lavender monthly market.

We provide discounted rates for bulk orders. If you would like to inquire about purchasing our products at wholesale prices please contact us directly at shamjo42@gmail.com